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Griddle was a hit! (almost)

I think the griddle will become a staple of Jones cooking when I learn to control the oil.

In my fear that everything would stick I used way to much oil. Results: limp squash.

Now limp squash can be tasty but not when your used to crisp yummy squash on the grill.

So, next trip to the grill may result in a spray of pam instead of a massive squirt of oil, scraping the

griddle seems to be quite easy so I think it's worth the risk.

On another note, my summer brain has gone amuck. I keep jumping everywhere with my summer

projects. Do I work on my writing center and math centers for school? Do I work on my amateur

photography, medal stamping jewelry, vinyl for shirts and signs or clean out the long awaited storage

room that could claim a small child should they wonder in? When your life is crazy through the school

year you have to unwind sometime. I think when you enjoy so many things it is Ok to be Ok at all of them.

I have never been super at any one thing so I strive to be OK at all of them. Stay Ok!

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