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Me and my ADHD tendencies!

As you can tell by my blog I am very prone to a wandering mind. I start a project, don't finish a project, start another project, squirrel (just kidding) and it is very evident here at Being the Okiest. The resent changes in my life have given me a renewed desire to write it all out so here I go again. Turning 50 is not for the weak. It has kicked my ass a few times in the last year. So, cheers to the old people, you are my people! Lets grow old with grace and fight it like crazy!

Updates. The lump in my breast was a benign cyst and poses no threat other than to my sanity when I happen to notice it is there. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, some areas of low kidney function and Raynaurds syndrome all in one glorious visit, which in fact was for the lump not because I thought anything else was wrong. Blessing in disguise or pain in my ass, I have yet to decide. Raynaurds is a circulation disorder that causes my fingers to turn white and loose feeling randomly. It is caused by coldness or stress. However, I never can tell when it is the cold as there is no rhyme or reason for when it happens. There is no cure and treatment is only for more severe cases. (Thanks Mom, she also had this but didn't know what caused it, or what it was called.) I posted some Raynaurds fingers to show what it looks like. I am on Metformin and diet change for the Diabetes and I plan on blogging the wins and struggles and how that is going here. The rest I am medicated for, although I think sometimes medication for the mind would be more beneficial.

Teacher wise: I am not sure what brought about the changes in teaching but I myself am not enjoying them. I have a minimum of 5 years left to teach and some days that may as well be 50. My perspective is, children have not changed. Parenting and how children are raised has changed and it is not for the better. Also, expectations of what is to be learned have changed and children have not. I plan on hitting that topic soon here also.

Inner me: Turning 50 brought about a need to seek, for better lack of terms, inner peace within myself. I find my search for peace in the scripture and am currently trying to read the bible in a year and experimenting with ways to study the Bible that work for me. It's trial and error and if you have any ideas, lay them on me.

Thanks for reading Being the Okiest! Hope to be back soon.


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