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Yep, your a diabetic call.

Today I got the call I figured was coming. Your type 2 diabetic come in on Thursday.

I had seen my test results online and was awaiting the call. The funny or better term scary part is my husband was diagnosed types 2 diabetic two and half months ago and I have ate extremely healthy since then. My blood sugar should not have been that high. Once again I think, 50 has not been kind. So I await to see what comes next for me diabetic wise but my real fear is the stupid knot in my breast.

I have a mammogram and ultrasound sound soon but there it lies in the back of my brain, your boob is trying to kill you. I also hate to wine. In the grand scheme of things, people don’t want to hear it. I also don’t do the poor me very well, although that’s how I am feeling right now. So I’m going to bed and feel sorry for myself, releasing my family from the torture of my wine-ass attitude and hope and pray for a good today tomorrow and good news from doctors soon.


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