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Open Browser Brain!

Many times when I blog it's to slow down my mind. Today is one of those days. It's everywhere!!

My blog from this morning was from taking my son to practice. When I got home my mind went

crazy with what I needed (and wanted to do)! I mailed some things I sold online, painted a headache rack (big medal

thing that goes on a truck to protect the back glass, we've replaced three so we bought the headache rack)

for my husband, cleaned up (shuffled shit) in the storage room, got a text that some copper washer will be here

today for my stamped medal jewelry (better get the medal stamping stuff out, even though the copper is not here).

Ran off some email cheat sheets from a webinar for better pictures, oooh there is my BOGO from Tara West (Teachers Pay Teachers seller) email, better run that off before I delete it or forget its there. Now I am blogging to slow myself down.

This is why I am Ok at everything, I am sometimes like a browser with 14 windows open. On the bright side I

am rarely with out something to do! Deep breath, and better!

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