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Unpaid Uber Mom here!

See the big kid in the middle, that's mine. All 6'3" and 260lbs. That's my baby.

He loves football and he loves wrestling but he is only 15. So guess what I have become?

That's right, Unpaid Uber Mom! Practice at 7:00am all of my summer vacation, you bet.

I am the alarm that wakes him up, I am the water girl that gets him hydrated, I am the laundry mat

that washes the sweaty clothes he comes in but most of all I am Unpaid Uber Mom. I have spent countless

money on gas and uncountable miles on my car to get that child to and from practice. Next year he will be

16 and able to drive himself and that will be nice. but deep down I know that I will miss when he needs me

a little less. I try to remember that when my alarm goes off at 6:00 on my summer vacation days, or when

practice runs long. Not enjoying it everyday is part of being an Ok Mom, and an Ok Mom is what I am.

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