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Worn slick!

Yes, that's my leg. Yes. I am in the scoop of a tractor. I was hitching a ride to the wood pile as I was tired from the previous 3 loads of wood we had hauled to the house in preparation for winter. Let me vent a minute, it never ends! Can I get an Amen from my teacher peeps and Moms! We are almost 8 weeks into school so the assessing for reports cards is here, not to mention the new computer program we are required to use, I am not sure if any of you had had the experience of signing 20 kindergarteners onto a computer but it is super fun, NOT, plus the daily teaching requirements and assessments and paper work and discipline problems all for the wonderful salary we earn, LOL. Football season is a go so it's no less than 2 games a week sometimes 3 and washing football practice clothes is just gross. The youngest has his drivers permit and drives most of the time and he really needs the practice!! My nerves, not so much! Then there is the never ending needs of the family. They think they need to eat every night! Good old Mom can't say no to anything so I am often doing things like splitting wood, hauling wood and such.

Ok, vent over. I grip about it all but I wouldn't change it if I could. I love my kids at school, football and my family. I would just feel bad if I didn't help out. So life goes on, at a running pace with me going "Oh, OK this is what we are doing now."

Stay Ok!

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