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All in a days work! ha

My Grand baby who calls me DamMa is almost two. He had his two year pictures this week and how stinking cute is he!!

My boys are 8 years apart (not on purpose!) so while one is married with a child the other is a Sophomore in High School

and involved in many extra curricular activities. This makes it most difficult to see and do all that I would like with all of my boys. The balance is quit often hard to achieve. Throw in a full time job, cooking, cleaning and all that business and its very hectic! So here is to all the Mom's/Grandma's trying to do it all! Go for it girl!! They are worth it!

The bottom picture is from one of the many tournaments we have been to this Wrestling season. We have one almost every weekend. We decided when we had children we would support and be at every single event they are involved in.

These are two day events that involve travel sometimes overnight due to distance. Now only parents of wrestlers will understand my next statement. I am truly convinced that I will go (die) of a heart attack at one of these events. Watching your child wrestle makes your heart go crazy, I feel like I am going to throw up and just want to close my eyes but can't.

It is the most intense 6 minutes you can ever experience. Heaven forbid the ref makes a bad call. This weekend an older guy was calling the match, my son had his guy pinned. (shoulders on the mat) The ref didn't move fast enough to see this and didn't call the pin. I went Mamma Bear! My husband moved away from me as I let loose on the poor man. Yelled if you can move Grandpa you need to get off the mat. Not my finest moment! But its so intense! I am usually a very calm person.

So shout to the wrestling parents out there! Its crazy, intense and exciting all rolled into one!

Just want to let everyone that it is Ok to be OK. Ok Grandma and Ok parent here!

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