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New Year, same old me!

Ha! That is me, but not really me. Its got a whole lot of filtering going on.

A little late with the Happy New Year, but Happy New Year!

2019 was a bit harsh on this Okiest Mom. (KJ was injured and had to have ACL and meniscus surgery, rant to come later.)

I just want to say I made no resolutions. (If I had I would have already broken them.) I plan to just live everyday and hope for the best.

To be a better wife, mom, grandma, teacher, photographer and whatever else should cross my path this year.

Some lessons I learned in 2019.

1. No matter how much you protect, pray and love your children, crap is gonna happen. Love them through it.

2. No matter how much you protect , pray and love your students, crap is gonna happen. Love them through it. (Every once in while parents suck!

You want shake them and ask if they can see what they are doing to their child.)

3. Do what you love even you are not the best. ( Photography is a passion. I am not the best, but I give my all when asked to take pictures and love every minute of it!)

4. Even though I gripe about teaching I do love it. I have started teaching online ESL classes as well as my regular brick and mortar job and really enjoy it, most of the time.

5. Find your tribe. The people you can say anything to without repercussion or judgement.

6. Leggings are still not pants and never try to grow out that all natural grey hair that sprouts from my head. (Not a good look!!)

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