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One wrong step

I know it is not football season but give me a moment and I will explain. This is KJ my youngest son. He is 16 and a beast on the football field. Our little family kinda orbits around his sports seasons. Football being my favorite!

He is a great player and a true brother to those team mates on his team. Well, with 3 games left in the season he took one wrong step at practice and all sports ended for the year. Torn ACL, torn left meniscus and torn right meniscus. Well off to surgery he went and now has a 6 month recovery time until he is released to play anything again. Now, I am a boy Mom and most certainly not a stranger to injury. Broke bones, compound fractures, stitches and my husband even severed a finger. But nothing compared to this surgery and recovery time. He is bitchy, I am bitchy and everyone is bitchy! Now that wrestling season has started the bitchy continues as he will be out all season season also. So teenagers being injured just sucks! 2nd rant, WE HAVE INSURANCE, we pay a lot of money to have insurance. So I wish someone could explain why it cost so much to have medical attention when we have insurance??? It was cheaper by over $200 dollars to pay cash for an MRI than use the insurance, I could list all the things, people and crap we have payed out of pocket for but I know no one wants to read that business.

It should be called "We will help a little" instead of Insurance, because in my book, it only helped a little!

Rant over. Have an Ok day!

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