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Voorhees is my fav!

If you have read any of my blog you know I love photography! Another fun Okiest Mom fact, I love horror movies and Jason Voorhees had always been my favorite! Yes, even when he went to space. He could totally be frozen and be thawed by accident in space! I have been blessed with a family that accepts my crazy and does not complain to much when I drag them into it.

Back story on the pics, Already had the coveralls, mask and machete. (Don't judge!) What did I need?? Why I needed a Jason and a victim. God bless the 16 year old boy who loves his Mom enough to join in her crazy and Grandson who doesn't know better yet. But,

I needed a victim. Well, KJ just happens to have a really sweet, good natured girlfriend and she pasted the His Mom is not to crazy test and joined in. (she is a keeper) Here are the results of a fun filled afternoon of horror shots! Yes, I have a 8x10 canvas to hang each Halloween season. I also have plans to do Freddy Krueger next year. Just need to find the glove.

Stay OK!

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