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That’s a wrap.

So as a Mom that has a Senior (who is also my youngest child) I am having a difficult time with his life playing sports and our family supporting him as being over. He broke his collar bone and his wrestling as a high schooler is over. The ending of football season was a killer! its just what we do. Watch our kids play sports. To make it

worse, he had some collage interest for football but is sure he doesn’t want to play college ball. I have prayed and made peace that he is a grown up and no more kids sports for Mom to watch but man it doesn’t make it any easier. I feel for the parents that have dealt with this. It’s not easy to let them grow up. It’s not easy to watch them make decisions that are not the decisions you think they should make. But I rest in the knowledge that he is a good Christian man and I am proud to be his Mom.


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